TBC Gold Dungeon Bundle

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TBC Gold Dungeon Bundle
Heroic dungeons
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Hellfire Ramparts
The Blood Furnace
The Shattered Halls
The Slave Pens
The Underbog
The Steamvault
Auchenai Crypts
Sethekk Halls
Shadow Labyrinth
Old Hillsbrad Foothills
The Black Morass
The Mechanar
The Arcatraz
The Botanica
Rewards and description

Buy TBC Gold Dungeon Bundle​​​​​​​

In World of Warcraft dungeons serve as a main source of new good gear for players. In Vanilla Classic WoW and TBC this is one of the main methods of preparing yourself for an endgame and especially for raids. However, absence of instance finder and overall high difficulty can scare away a lot of players. Our dungeon boosting will be very helpful for gamers who need a completion of dungeons as quickly as possible.  Buy TBC Gold Dungeon Bundle and get a full completion of 10 chosen dungeons. Additionally, dungeons can be completed on heroic difficulty.


  • x10 dungeon runs (any of your choice)
  • Reputation points with respective factions
  • Fast start
  • All rewards, loot, weapons and gear received during the boost.


  • 1 day

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