Season of Mastery
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Season of Mastery Boosting to 60 LvL

1 - 5
Super Express
I'm a Warrior
I'm on PvP Realm
Additional options
Full Dungeon Gearing
Gathering Profession to 300
Crafting & Corresponding Gathering to 300
Add All Secondary Profession
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Buy Season of Mastery 1-60 Powerleveling

In order to get the maximum range of features as quickly as possible after the start buy Season of Mastery 1-60 Powerleveling. This service will save your time and allow you to fully enjoy the game: increasing the level gives you access to various activities, zones, quests and much more. So that you don’t spend your time and energy on a routine, CakeBoost offers a profitable service for Powerleveling your character. Your character will begin to climb from level 1 to 60 under the guidance of our highly professional employee with extensive experience in PvE and PvP.


  • 60 level character;
  • New territories, quests, items, and much more unlocked;
  • All resources, items and gold received during the service


  • 12-14 days

Why Should You Choose Us? 

WoW Vanilla Classic was a huge success for Blizzard. WoW fans got a chance to play the original version of the game without any additional changes, expansions and new gameplay mechanics. It is a totally original experience that is improved by better graphics and other small technical changes that makes the game more user-friendly and comfortable for new players. WoW Vanilla Classic became an instant hit, and it was just a matter of time before new TBC servers were opened. Right now Classic Season of Mastery servers are available as a part of the Classic Vanilla, and it is still played by thousands of players all around the world. This is why WoW Classic SoM 1-60 Powerleveling is still popular among the players. And Cakeboost is here to help you with powerleveling by providing you cheapest, yet highly effective boosting services.

The main problem of the Vanilla version is the amount of time necessary for leveling and farming. In order to reach the 60 level cap you have to spend much more time in comparison to the retail version. For most of the players this is the reason not to create an alt-character. However, with our WoW Season of Mastery Powerleveling to level 60 boosting services you will be able to reach a level cap as quickly as possible. Buy boosting services in WoW Classic Vanilla to quickly prepare your character for an endgame content and forget about boring level farming. We have managed to create an international community of clients who trust our boosting services. We offer reliable and effective services that have already helped thousands of players all around the world. This is why Cakeboost is a reliable source of WoW Season of Mastery 60 boost services:

100% Safety Guaranteed

During our WoW Classic SoM 1-60 Powerleveling boosting we use special VPN software that provides absolute safety of your account. Our boosters are forbidden from using any type of illegal soft and cheating methods. Every boost is performed by real people, no bots are used during the service. 

24/7 Support

Our online support team is ready to answer all of your questions about WoW Classic  SoM LvL 60 boost services we offer. More than that, with help of the support team you will be able to create additional options that are not presented in the service. We will help you to set up a specific boost that will help you to deal with a narrow task. 

High-quality premium service

We employ only professionals. Our boosting team consists of high-skilled players with years of WoW experience. Most of them are members of top guilds that have finished dozens of heroic raid runs. And we are happy to share that experience with you!  All of the presented reasons easily describe why WoW  Vanilla Classic boosting to 60 services is a reliable method of reaching the highest results possible in the game quickly and efficiently. 

What Can I Get With WoW Season of Mastery LvL Boost?  

We present you a wide variety of powerleveling services that will help you to prepare your character for all of the WoW Vanilla Classic endgame content.  However, our WoW Classic SoM LvL Boost is the most popular service among other WoW Classic Season of Mastery Boost services. Our professional boosters will reach a desired level from any starting point. We also offer a list of additional services that can help you to deal with the most narrow tasks. You can choose a time of execution, if you need to complete the leveling as quickly as possible. You can also choose a profession to be leveled during the boost. Finally, we can gain a full set of dungeon gear that will help you to jump into raiding action right away. 

We are also ready to perform TBC Level Boost if you want to go on the next step of Warcraft adventures.  Retail version is also available for boosting, just choose a suitable WoW Shadowlands Level Boost service! 

How Does Cakeboost Work?

Purchasing a service from Cakeboost is as easy as possible:

  • Choose a service and add some extra options to make it perfect;
  • Select a desired level to reach;
  • Confirm your order at your shopping cart. You can choose Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase or Fondy as payment method;
  • Contact our online support to discuss all the details about the service and schedule boosting hours;
  • Wait until the powerleveling is completed. Online support will notify you about the results immediately after the end of the boost;
  • Leave a review on the service to share your experience. Together, we will make Cakeboost even better!

FAQ About WoW Classic SoM 1-60 Powerleveling Boosting Carry Services 

Q: How long does it take to perform the boost?
A: ETA depends on the chosen additional options, including choice of execution speed. Basic 1-60 powerleveling can take up to 4 weeks. 

Q: Is there a simpler version of powerleveling boost? 
A: Yes. For players who want to simply skip introduction locations and start the game with main skills unlocked we offer 1-15 powerleveling service

Q: Can I get a mount during the powerleveling? 
A: Sure, you can choose a special 100% riding speed additional option. However, to get the mount, check out our services here.

Q: Can you get me some gear during the boost? 
A: We can obtain some dungeon gear that will help you to quickly join endgame content. You can choose a related option while making an order. We also perform full gearing services.