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Warzone Gamemodes Guide

Warzone Gamemodes Guide
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A lot of tactics, small tips and tricks and overall advice will be collected and deeply analyzed in our tutorial. Prepare your gear and call your best teammates, we are coming to the harsh and unforgiving city of Verdansk, a place where battle never ends.

Plunder mode

  • First and foremost - find your crew. Playing with random people is a quick way to lose. It is very hard to communicate with people who you don't know, and communication is one of the keys to a victorious session. If you don't have anyone on your mind, our best professional boosters are here to win matches with you. Order our coaching and winning boosting services with “self play” option and guarantee yourself a series of both fun and training matches. When you finally assemble a crew and get yourself ready - you can finally start the match. As the plane meets the hot air of Verdansk and the plane's ramp opens up, look on your Tac Map and choose a place for landing. On the Tac Map you will see the available safe zone, but remember that it will become much smaller with time.

  • This is where we get to our first advice: think fast, act faste. Check your surroundings for loot, try not to get into firefights in the beginning and quickly decide where you should go next. Remember: your main task is to survive longer than your enemies. Do not forget that shrinking the safe zone is not your only problem, other players will surely try to end your life faster than the gas.

  • Speaking about the gas: check your time. It will show you how long the safe zone will keep its borders. Look out for a small timer on your hud and never forget about it. Meeting with your enemies did not go well for you and your crew? There are a variety of options for what happens next. You do not die immediately: either a special "redeploy token" can be used or you can get some help from your teammates (if they are not down too, of course). If nothing of the listed is available: welcome to the GULAG. You ought to fight solo against another downed player. If you win - you will get back to action, if you lose - you can start a new match or spectate the rest of the game.

  • Speak up! One of the reasons why you can lose firefights is a lack of communication between you and your crew. Discuss your landing zone, plan together with your actions, warn about enemies, and certainly try not to separate from each other. If you decide to act alone, then sooner or later you will find yourself fighting with a full squad of enemies without any help from your team. If you do not have the ability to speak, use “pinging”. This small sound can be used for literally every situation in the game from locating a good loot to showing the location of enemies.

  • Sharing. Sharing is another important thing to consider when playing with others. You are not alone and your survival depends on the survival of your mates, so do not be too greedy if your teammate asks you for ammo. Most of the listed above advice and tactics can be used in Plunder mode, but the overall situation changes dramatically.

Battle Royale​​​​​​​

Your start is almost the same as in the Battle Royale. You choose an LZ and jump out of the plane. But as you and your crew touch the ground, you will immediately notice the change of pace. You will find no gas and shrinking zones, the whole city is opened for the match.

  • Collect all. Now your main goal is not to survive (you can redeploy an unlimited number of times) but to collect as much cash as possible. Just like real life. Cash can be found all around the map and picked up from killed enemies, but act carefully, as you will lose all your inventory and a percentage of cash every time you die. It is up to you to decide whether to gather cash from looting or from other players, there are no right or wrong decisions here. However, it is important to find cash drops and complete contracts. This will bring you a lot of money and winning without it is almost impossible.

  • Risk is everything. Yet, sometimes, the risk is everything. If you understand that cash number is not enough for a win - destroy the “attack chopper” during the bonus round. Bites of this blackbird are very painful, but the reward is the biggest among other ways of finding cash.

  • Cash deposits. Let’s speak about “cash deposits”. When you and your teammates obtain 300k worth of money, you will unlock an ability to safely deposit your cash and do not lose it in case of death with help of helipads and special balloons. Helipad is a special zone where you can deposit your cash, but consider that this helipad is available for everyone, not only for your team. Balloons can be found as an upgrade during a match, they can be used everywhere but also can be shot down by other players. As you reach 1 million, your cash will be deposited automatically.

  • Never give up. Last but definitely not least - never give up and never relax! The situation can change dramatically in a matter of seconds at any time. Death does not mean end in Plunder. Even the best team can suddenly lose everything they had and it is up to you to use this chance and achieve victory.

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Good luck, soldier!

6 min read 2021-04-17 08:02:00 117