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Deathcharger’s Reins

Deathcharger’s Reins boost is the fastest and easiest way to obtain the Rivendare mount for your collection. Deathcharger stands among the rarest vanilla WoW mounts. It may be obtained from Lord Aurius Rivendare in Stratholme. The undead horse is notoriously hard to farm, potentially requiring hundreds of attempts. Buy this Deathcharger mount service, and our crew will take over the pursuit.



  • Since the carry is based on random rolls, we cannot predict its duration.


  • Maximum level character. You may purchase powerleveling to prepare one quickly.

How Do You Farm Deathcharger's Reins?

In retail WoW, Lord Aurius Rivendare can yield Deathcharger on defeat. Earlier versions tied it to his father, the Baron. The Lord is the Straholme Service Entrance dungeon end boss, meaning you have to clear every other opponent in the instance before fighting him. Fortunately, this Rivendare was introduced in Cataclysm and is fairly easy for fully leveled characters to beat solo. Unlike many other old mount farms,

Deathcharger is not subject to a weekly cooldown. You could keep running the instance many times daily. Yet the odds of receiving this mount are very poor. Many players report running the instance hundreds of times without success.

What Are Baron Rivendare's Mount Boosting Advantages?

We can help you add this mount to your collection. After placing an order, you will be contacted by a member of our staff. We will work out a mutually convenient schedule. Our booster will log in to your account at pre-scheduled intervals and complete runs until Deathcharger has been secured. Buying our Deathcharger boost presents clear advantages over trying to acquire it yourself:

  • You can avoid wasting a lot of time and effort;
  • You will not burn out due to frustrating random rolls;
  • Our boosters farm Rivendare nonstop and use optimal methods to ensure fast clears. That means more attempts will succeed in less time. As a result, we guarantee the best odds of acquiring this mount quickly;
  • If the carry ends up taking longer, you will receive more extra loot from this instance.

CakeBoost offers a wide range of professional World of Warcraft boost services. Farming rare mounts in WoW represent a major part of our offerings, but we can also assist with other collectibles, resources, and cutting-edge activities.

Deathcharger’s Reins
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount


Do Deathcharger’s Reins still drop?

Yes, people report acquiring this mount in 2023.

What is the post-buff Deathcharger's Reins drop rate?

It was raised from 0.02% to 1% during WotLK.

How rare is Baron Rivendare's mount?

Although its original appearance dates back to before the first expansion, just over 20% WoWhead profiles have obtained it.

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