TBC Leatherworking Profession Boost

Rewards and description

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This profession allows you to create first leather, and closer to level 40, chain mail equipment, as well as pouches for cartridges and quivers for arrows. That’s why leatherworking has become widely popular among hunters, although druids, rogues and shamans also often take such a profession. In addition to leatherworking, it is desirable to take the skinning, so that the character always has the necessary raw materials. In addition to skins, fabric may be required to create some things, but it drops from ordinary monsters. Also leatherworking, like other creating professions, has its own specializations with unique equipment recipes: Elemental, Dragonscale and Tribal.

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  • Maximum Leatherworking profession skill
  • Ability to use all available recipes
  • All the loot, recipes and resources received during the boost


  • 1-5 days

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