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As a ranked PvP mode, RBG is driven by its rating system. A higher rating means the opportunity to fight against more challenging opponents alongside more skilful teammates. It is also necessary to unlock many exclusive rewards, like titles and achievements. However, earning a high rating requires a persistent winning streak in a more complex and time-consuming mode than the Arena.

Buy RBG Rating Boost to secure professional help in the battlegrounds. Our boosters will save you from the need to find a competent, reliable, full-size RBG team. They will either back you up in a selfplay boost or play the game for you, raising your rating to the desired level without you needing to do anything.



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Rated Battleground WoW SL 1800/2100/2400/HotA boosts will help you progress in this team-focused format of Shadowlands PvP, earning Honor and other rewards such as titles and gear. With CakeBoost’s services, you won’t have to depend on possibly unreliable or unskilled players for your victory in the Battlegrounds. Depending on your choice, our professional boosters can either support you in battle or score the necessary amount of victories on your behalf.

Why Should You Buy a Shadowlands RBG Boost from CakeBoost?

Rated battlegrounds (RBG) are one of the main PvP activities in World of Warcraft (WoW) Shadowlands. Like in Arena, RBG victories allow you to build up a rating and claim special rewards. Those rewards include unique titles, mounts, and achievements. The Honor and Conquest PvP currencies that were restored in Shadowlands may be an even bigger draw. Unlike Arena, RBG features much bigger maps, special mechanics, and two teams of ten players each. That leads to additional complications that a WoW RBG boost can help you address:

  • RBG team of ten is much harder to assemble and coordinate than a duo or a trio seen in the Arena. Note that those teams must be put together in advance - WoW Shadowlands does not allow last-moment matchmaking for elite PvP;
  • While the meta may be more important in the Arena, RBG places a higher premium on team composition and strategy. Raising your rating consistently requires a high level of player skills that do not fully transfer from any other activity;
  • RBG matches naturally take a lot more time than Arena matches. Not everyone has the time to finish them. Furthermore, this greater length amplifies the difficulties of the rating climb. It also takes more time and each defeat has a higher cost to the player. Unique rewards associated with RBG wins are also harder to reach.

RBG boost can take those worries off your hands. You can still receive full benefits from this lucrative WoW Shadowlands activity without putting up with any unwanted hassle. If you buy a selfplay carry, you will still control your character. However, your RBG team will be assembled for you. By playing alongside professional boosters, you will have much higher chances of increasing your rating. You will also gain a valuable opportunity to learn more about Shadowlands PvP. In a piloted boost, one of our boosters will use your account instead and earn the desired rating, while you will be free to relax.

You can buy a WoW Shadowlands carry from several companies. However, CakeBoost will assuredly be your best choice due to our three crucial strengths:

  1. Vetted and experienced players. Due to our deep WoW Shadowlands talent pool, we can assign the best players to each boost. That means players with the right specialization. Our RBG boosters know each Battleground inside out. They are familiar with the best team compositions and tactics. That lets them maximize your chances of going up in rating without any need for cheats, bots, or practices like win trading that may endanger your account;
  2. Professional and accessible 24/7 customer support. You will always be able to reach our support team through a communications channel of your choice. They can advise you on your order or help you decide which boost options to get;
  3. Reasonable prices. We strive to make each carry as cheap as possible without sacrificing boost quality. You can save even more money by making use of our regular customer discounts and flexible boost options that let you avoid paying for services you don’t need.

How Will Your WoW RBG Boost Work?

The process of getting an RBG boost Shadowlands is very simple:

  • Pick the boost you want in the RBG PvP subcategory of our WoW Shadowlands shop catalog;
  • Make sure you meet the carry requirements. Any in-game requirements can be met through a different WoW Shadowlands boost;
  • Select the goals and other options you want. Consult with the support team through the site chat to work out the boost details;
  • Press “buy” to add the carry to your shopping cart;
  • Confirm it and specify your preferred contact and payment methods;
  • Our Shadowlands support team will reach out to you to determine the carry schedule and any remaining details;
  • If you bought a selfplay boost, wait to be invited to the team, then play the game as scheduled;
  • Otherwise, you can just wait for the carry to finish or track its progress through messages in chat. You may also request a free stream to make sure everything is done as promised.

What RBG Carry Shadowlands Services Can You Get?

We offer two main options for WoW Shadowlands players who want to buy an RBG carry. First, you can get an RBG rating boost WoW. You will need to specify your current rating and the rating you want to reach. That will determine the price and the carry completion time. This boost is the more straightforward choice in this category. Buy RBG rating boost if you simply want to improve your rating as fast as possible and have no other considerations in mind. That will also help you earn such rating based WoW distinctions as the High Warlord or Grand Marshal title.

Alternately, you may choose to get the RBG wins carry. You can still specify a desired minimum rating for the carry. You may easily progress beyond that rating minimum in the process. However, the booster will make sure that you will not end up below the rating minimum at the end of the boost. If there is an unlucky streak, the booster will see to it that the rating rises again before the carry ends. The focus of the carry will be on quickly scoring the desired amount of victories. That may come in handy if you want the Hero of the Alliance or Hero of the Horde title, which requires 50 RBG victories.

In either case, you will be able to choose between purchasing a piloted boost or a selfplay carry. The former is likely to be the best call if for whatever reason you do not wish to engage with the RBG mode in WoW Shadowlands. Such a boost will generally be more efficient. On the other hand, if you do want to play RBG, a selfplay carry is the obvious choice. Among other things, it will keep you from getting rusty and help you learn by example. Either way, the boost will be wrapped up as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to the main accomplishment, you will receive a number of currencies and other rewards, as well as the regard of other players.

You may also wish to look into our other WoW Shadowlands PvP services. Many of them are directly connected to RBG. Our WoW PvP boost catalog includes not only Arena Rating Boost services, but also several currency farm carry options and a guided PvP gear carry. Improving your loadout will certainly help you raise your RBG rating later, whether by yourself, in a selfplay carry, or in a piloted boost. All of our services are meant to be both cheap and high-quality. You may well find other interesting options as well, both for WoW Shadowlands and other games.