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In addition to PvE and PvP, people fell in love with World of Warcraft Classic (Vanilla) because the game represents a diverse society that interacts according to real social laws. As always, one of the central aspects is trade, money (Gold), and the market. In World of Warcraft Classic, Gold (game currency) is critical and has a direct impact on gameplay. As in real life, owning enough money provides you with a huge amount of opportunities, access to the best resources, items, equipment, weapons. Gold allows you to use the best raw materials for your products, increase the development speed, buy equipment with excellent Characteristics (for example, at the Auction), which will increase the speed of your leveling. Improving a Profession level and using the best resources, you not only increase the pace of production and your skill level but also provide yourself with a more stable income from the sale of your products.

You will get:

  • Gold on your acc;
  • Safe transfer in the way you prefer;
  • Fast delivery on any WoW Classic realm.

ETA: 1-3 days Please contact our support about the available amount of gold on your server before placing an order!

In order to get Gold, a player can collect and sell resources, the cost of which depends on their rarity directly, clean Dungeons and Raids, complete Quests and get Gold as a reward, kill Mobs, the number of looted Gold of which depends on their level and elite, sell products produced according to the chosen Profession. You can also sell items with excellent Characteristics at the Auction and even play on the exchange, betting on raising or lowering the rate! Despite the abundance of ways to get Gold in WoW Vanilla, accumulating a significant amount of money will require a significant investment of time and effort. In addition, in order to be able to save Gold, a player must not only participate in the above activities but also determine his financial priorities and economize.

In WoW Vanilla, the player must constantly remember the amount of Gold available and strive to increase it. A stable financial position is key to maintaining the high development rate of your Character in WoW Vanilla. In order not to worry about the amount of Gold, buy WoW Vanilla Gold Farm Service by CakeBoost. We will provide your Character with the necessary amount of Gold, which will allow you to realize all business ideas, buy the desired items, increase the speed of leveling or mastering the chosen Profession, purchase the necessary resources and much more. Buying WoW Vanilla Gold Farm Service by CakeBoost, you get the required amount of Gold right away: super-fast, effortless, 100% anonymous.

CakeBoost understands the importance of customer anonymity in this situation and takes care of everything to provide all necessary comprehensive security measures. We assure you that CakeBoost treats the anonymity and security of our customers’ accounts carefully, so the fact of the transaction itself will remain a trade secret and won’t be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. For several years, CakeBoost has been justifying the trust of each client by implementing a careful individual approach to the needs of every WoW player from around the world.