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New challenge

Shooters in the Call of Duty series have long relied on playlists to keep things fresh by introducing new maps and modes every week. Up until the most recent update, Cold War’s weekly rotation was limited to a standard array of familiar modes that appeared previously in the title itself or at least some of its series predecessors. The January 21 patch changed things up by introducing a brand new mode alongside the usual playlist options: the Sniper-Only Moshpit. It presents a fascinating new combat challenge that may be a herald of things to come.

The mode’s name is self-explanatory. All primary guns except sniper rifles are banned, as are any secondary guns, special equipment like grenades, or weapons unlocked as Scorestreak rewards. Perks, attachments, and Blueprints for sniper rifles all work fine if you have them, so there is still plenty of variety in the experience. Some loadouts may be better for taking the offensive, while others suit the classical stationary sharpshooter. However, the emphasis is placed squarely on long-range shooting. While hipfire or melee attacks may be feasible in desperate situations or as an unconventional tactical maneuver, patience, precision, and careful planning are more likely to win the day.

Sniper showdown

This sniper showdown comes in two variants based on previously available modes: Team Domination and Deathwatch. In both cases, two teams of six snipers will take on each other on standard-sized maps like Satellite, Moscow, or Garrison. Those matches are likely to see a lot of jostling for the best firing positions and neutralizing anyone unlucky or foolish enough to be caught out in the wide-open spaces. As well as offering an ideal opportunity for leveling sniper weapons, the relatively large team size means that a skillful sniper could use this chance to carry out the kills needed to unlock reticles or multiplayer camos.

The Moshpit

The Moshpit is a limited-time mode, though it is not yet clear whether it will only last this week or continue to show up for the rest of the season. Nevertheless, Treyarch staff members have mentioned plans to introduce new multiplayer modes in the future, making this mode a trial run. We may see similar limited-weapon challenges or reworked versions of the original Moshpit in the months to come. No doubt player participation and feedback regarding this event will influence the developers’ decisions.

Other changes

Aside from the playlist, the patch included few other changes, mainly focusing on stability improvements for Zombies maps. There were a few interesting simultaneous content releases, however. Two Cold War Bundles have dropped in the Item Store, with contents including multiple Weapon Blueprints, an Operator skin, and the long-awaited new NATO Operator: Zeyna Ossou. Together with the promise of new modes and the upcoming Zombies Firebase Z map, it seems like the season’s gifts have not yet run out.

3 min read 2021-02-28 00:54:00 0