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How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty

How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty
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The Nail Gun has won over the players in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone after its introduction to those integrated shooters upon the release of Season Four. While brandishing a power tool may appear to be a sign of desperation in a modern combat setting, this improvised weapon combines high impact with a brisk firing rate. As a result, its TTK is extremely low within its admittedly short range, ensuring its popularity among players. Read this article to learn all about how to unlock the Nail Gun in Warzone and Cold War, so you too could directly experience its impressive stopping power.

How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Multiple paths exist for the acquisition of this improvised armament. Conveniently, since Season One, unlocking an item in one title lets players access it in both. Once the Nail Gun is yours, it will be accessible via the Create-a-Class menu in Cold War or added to the Warzone Loadout, enabling its retrieval after specially requested paradrops. Before you could start worrying regarding the intricacies of how to equip Nail Gun Warzone, though, it must still be unlocked, which might not prove such a simple task depending on the approach you choose.

One could, of course, acquire the tool as part of the Nail Gun Warzone bundle. This package is officially called “Framework”. It includes a blood-splattered Blueprint called “Puncture Wound”. Other contents include a Finishing Move, cosmetics, and Battle Pass skipping points. This whole package is priced at 1000 points in the store, which you will have to buy with real money (approximately 10 USD) if you do not already have some saved up. Gamers who would rather earn it without paying could attempt two tasks that may be pursued alongside Cold War Zombies & Multiplayer Camo hunting.

How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Multiplayer or Warzone

Option number one requires a combatant to kill five opponents with Special Weapons in fifteen full games. An account would need a total of 75 kills across all games to fulfill this obligation. This admittedly demanding goal may be pursued in Warzone or Cold War Multiplayer. The requirement’s phrasing precludes aspiring owners from quitting games once the quota was fulfilled, forcing them to keep fighting until the end. The Special Weapons that may be utilized here are listed below:

  • M79 Thumper (Grenade Launcher);
  • R1 Shadowhunter (Crossbow);
  • Ballistic Knife;
  • Crossbow (from Modern Warfare; available in Warzone).

Those secondary weapons could be tricky for unfamiliar users. For those less acquainted with their unusual handling and slow projectile velocity, Cold War Coaching may be just the thing to prepare you for this task. Ultimately, this choice depends on your personal abilities and playstyle. That said, crossbows are straightforward and effective at a long distance, while M79 can rack up kills quickly if its wielder could get the drop on people. The Thumper further benefits from being the only option that may be unlocked without going through another challenge. Note that Ballistic Knife kills only count if “fired” to finish off targets, though the wielder could still down them in melee first.


When considering how to get the Nail Gun in Multiplayer, the main thing to focus on is finding an ideal setting. The map has to present sufficient possibilities for attacks with the category weapon of choice (an identical consideration applies for Cold War Weapon Leveling). Also, it would be best to pick a mode that ends quickly, removing the need to wait for a long time after securing all required eliminations. Getting to the next match faster regardless of how this one turns out should go a long way towards smoothing out progress. Nuketown ‘84 encounters seem ideal: quick, frenetic, and full of ambush spots. Anything from 24/7 playlists should do the job, though.

For those who prefer the free title or have no access to the alternatives, the optimal route for hunting with special weapons in Warzone would be using Plunder mode. Those matches are still longer than short Multiplayer sessions, but they do not take as much time as Battle Royale. Additionally, they are generally more casual and allow deft ambushers to jump enemies while they are distracted by looting opportunities. Finally, the easy respawns mean you will be able to return to the action quicker even if your first ambush goes awry. After all, the goal is not to collect eliminations without dying once.

How to Unlock the Nail Gun in Zombies

Alternatively, the prize may be claimed by undertaking the Cold War Nail Gun Zombies challenge. The task requires scoring 25 Special Weapons eliminations in 12 complete Outbreak regions. The abovementioned selection of weaponry still applies. For an Outbreak region to be regarded as complete, your team must fulfill its main objective, enabling it to move on to the zone that follows. Although one may reach the target numbers over the course of a single match, you can also clear the required dozen regions over as many matches as you need.

Despite the higher target, using the Zombies challenge can be more efficient than the other options. Facing off against zombie hordes means that you will have no shortage of enemies who may expose themselves for easy kills. You may also enhance your weapons. Using Salvage and Pack-a-Punch over the course of the Outbreak match would greatly augment its effectiveness. Leveling up your special weapon skill can help as well by making it easier for you to kill more powerful zombies. If you go all in on this weapon type, you should be able to use it to reach the objectives easily by exploiting generally slow zombie movements and their tendency to bunch up.

Final Thoughts on the Nail Gun from CakeBoost

Immediately after its release, the Nail Gun dominated both games’ meta thanks to its raw power and speed and in spite of it being unable to use attachments. It was nerfed since then, considerably reducing its maximum damage range. Nevertheless, it remains a highly effective weapon for close-range encounters, especially if its wielder can get consistent headshots. Unlocking this lethal tool during play may take a while regardless of your favored method, but a fan majority would probably agree that it is worth the trouble.

CakeBoost would gladly help interested gamers acquire this unusual tactical option and more. Hopefully, you found our guide useful. If so, check out our other informative texts, such as How to unlock all operators in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. If for whatever reason there is need for more direct assistance, we offer a wide selection of boosting services for Cold War and multiple other titles. Cold War Reticles Boost and Primary Gun 1-55 LvL Boost are just a few examples of what we do for our customers. If you wish to obtain the Nail Gun without any hassle, simply reach out to this website’s support team to place a custom order.

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