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The War Room Mission Guide

The War Room Mission Guide
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Intel missions are siding objectives that you can accomplish while taking part in a Warzone match, regardless of the mode. They involve a scavenger hunt for several small pieces of intelligence hidden all over the map in places hinted at by accompanying images. Finding one piece of intel will unlock the next objective in the mission. The rewards for this activity include experience points and story information, including impressive cinematics on completion.

The War Room

“The War Room” is the latest mission of this type and is required to unlock the cutscene that wraps up the game’s storyline. Your task is to help stop Victor Zakhaev’s plan to launch a nuclear missile from Verdansk, preventing a new global war. There are technically six pieces of intel this time, but one of them will unlock automatically; the rest will need to be tracked down. Bear in mind that you can only search for one objective per match. However, if you are in a hurry, you can leave the match as soon as you find it and it will still count. If you have any difficulties at any stage, you can ask our experienced coaches for help. After all, the game should bring joy, not disappointment from the inability to complete the task.

Mission steps

  • The first piece waits for you on the other side of the road from Bunker 10 in Tavorsk Park. You will need to pick up the gold coin lying on top of the stone ledge directly south of the bunker, near the coastline.
  • Your next goal is to activate beacons for the incoming assault teams. The hint will reveal three places where you can fulfill this objective. All of them are similarly close to the shore. One is the top of the monument near the bunker, another is the foot of a radio tower across the bay from the city port, and the last is the roof of an apartment building. You will only need to go to one of those locations and then interact with a backpack. Doing this will also fulfill the third objective, giving you an additional experience reward.
  • The fourth objective will take you to the southeastern corner of the map. You will need to search the hills west of the fortress-like Zordaya Prison (which you might know from the Gulag mode) for a tiny campsite. Collect the intel from a bag near a tree.
  • You will have to search the same area again to complete the fifth goal. There is a lone hut in the field west of the prison. Once you reach it, input the numbers 72948531 into the door’s keycard to gain entry and then interact with the computer monitors.
  • Your final destination is the BCH-4 television station in downtown Verdansk, northwest of the stadium. You will recognize it by its antennas. After dropping on the roof or ascending to it using the elevators, you will simply need to activate the communications tower. Doing this will send an abort code for the missile and unlock the end cinematic in your missions tab in the main menu.


Attempting to pursue those objectives in the standard battle royale mode poses a problem, as it will distract you from your usual priorities: surviving long enough to win and scoring kills. Technically, this is also true in Plunder, but trying to complete the mission in that mode may make it easier due to the guaranteed infinite respawning feature. Fans of the series’ story should find the effort worthwhile due to the closure provided by the final cutscene. Even those less interested in that aspect of the game should find the experience award – which adds up to 37,500 points – very satisfying and a big help when it comes to leveling their profile.

4 min read 2021-01-19 06:42:00 133