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How do I swap the Covenant in WoW Shadowlands? We'll tell you about the Covenant change, quest lines, specific details, and important pros and cons. We will also show you how to return to the Covenant that you previously left. While joining the Covenant you have never joined before is an easy and fast process without any additional activities, coming back to the Covenant you once left is much harder.

You need to remember that changing your Covenant is a very important decision. After changing your Covenant you will immediately lose all Covenant skills and perks, all Covenant’s renown and Sanctum progress. More than that, if you try to return to your previous Covenant you will be immediately punished with the necessary to complete a special questline and wait approximately two days.  Please, consider your actions carefully before making a decision.

How to change Covenant

If you have never changed your Covenant before, your task is pretty simple. Change of the Covenant will be instantaneous, there is no need to complete special tasks or questlines.

Firstly, go to the leader of the Covenant you want to choose. You can find leaders of the Covenant in Oribos.

After talking to the necessary leader, your Covenant will be finally changed.  In order to unlock Class abilities and Signature abilities, you have to complete starting questline of your Covenant again.

It is important to remember that your progress and Renown of the previous Covenant will be cleared.  For the players who do not want to start from a scratch for the second time, we can offer Covenant Renown Weekly Cap Farm Boost Carry from Cakeboost. Our professional players will assist you in farming weekly renown cap quickly and efficiently.

How to choose the previous Covenant again

This is where things get tricky. By the lore of the game change of the Covenant is perceived as a betrayal. It means that you cannot simply go to the necessary Covenant leader and speak to him.

To begin a special questline that opens you a way for a return to the previously chosen Covenant, you need to find a leader of the Covenant again. From then you will hear that your betrayal can be forgiven only if you prove yourself worthy again.

After that, a quest named “Prove your worth” is available for completion. You are ought to fulfill a special progress bar by completing different activities in Shadowlands: farming special mobs, looking for treasures, completing any type of world quests and dungeons of any difficulty. Warning: all of the listed activities must be made in your Covenant zone.

Right now the fastest method of completing this quest is doing dungeons. 3-4 dungeons should be enough.

However, when “Prove your worth” is done, you are still obliged to wait for nearly 2 days of real-time in order to start another mandatory quest “Rebuild Our Trust”. Basically, it is the same task as the previous one but a little bit longer in terms of time-consuming. Still, the most effective way to complete the quest is going through dungeons.

When the quest will be completed and turned in to the necessary NPC, your desired Covenant will be finally unlocked.



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3 min read 2021-04-17 06:47:00 0