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WoW Shadowlands Legendaries Guide

WoW Shadowlands Legendaries Guide
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WoW SL brings the Legendary Armor system back to the game. It will become an important part of the overall outfit system and serve as a motivating and significant competitive factor. In our overview guide, you will find out general information about what this system is, how it is implemented in SL, how to access the system and how and from what to create your first legendary weapon.

Shadowlands introduces a lot of content. Many players' complaints were heard, and interesting innovations appeared. At the same time, there is enough old-school content in the SL, which is structured in such a way as to bring into the game the good old aspects of WoW that players liked so much during the previous expansions, while the developers were able to integrate such systems taking into account the modern increased requirements.

The good news is that Legendaries will be available almost immediately after you dive into SL, so you won't have to wait long.

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Legendary system changes

Legendary Armor is one of the aspects of old WoW that the developers brought back to SL. Players remember these items from the time of the Legion. Craftsmen of the creating professions could create Legendary items, however, their number was limited: only 1 Legendary item per character of each class. The characteristics of such items were unchanged.

In SL, any type and piece of armor can be Legendary. At the same time, the player can also adjust the effect that will be applied to an item of equipment, and even secondary stats.

Legendary Items have 4 different ranks, the higher the rank of such an item, the more diverse and complex effects it can bring when equipped. The cost of crafting items of various Ranks also differs, more on that below.

The player will only wear 1 legendary item at a time. Only items of equipment fall into the Legendary category, but not weapons and accessories.

Thus, there will now be a wide variety of different Legendaries in SL with different combinations of stats and effects. You can be sure that we will also see new Legendaris as the expansion progresses.

How to unlock legendary

The player gets access to the creation of Legendary items after he reaches 60 (maximum) level and makes a choice in favor of one of the 4 Covenants. After that, your character will be immersed in the passage of the corresponding Storyline, which will lead you to Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. Here, during the first passage of this dungeon, you can find the keys to a special room, Runecarver's Chamber, where you will meet the NPC Runecarver, one of whose hands are chained to the walls of the Tower. He will help you in creating Legends Items. Thus, players will be able to access the craft of this class of equipment almost immediately after reaching level 60. The wide variety of Legendaries available to craft makes Torghast more attractive to players.

Legendaries crafting algorithm

In order to create a Legendary item, you will not only need access to a room with Runecarver but 4 items, which must be present in significant numbers if you want to create a Legendary Armor. 4 ingredients: Soul Ash, Base item, Effect you want to apply and 2 Runes.

First of all, your character must have enough special currency, Soul Ash. This is a very special resource that can be found exclusively at Torghast. During the passage of the dungeon, you can collect Soul Ash from special chests, as well as receive for the complete passage of the Layer. In order to be able to create a Legendary item, you have to go through Torghast many more times. The higher the Legendary you want to craft rank, the more Soul Ash you will need. For an item of the first rank you need 100 Soul Ash, for the second - 200, for the third - 300, and, finally, for 400 - 400 units of Soul Ash.

For completing all 8 Layers of a single Wing, by the end of the week the player can accumulate ~ 100 Soul Ash; this way you can craft 1 Legendary of the 1 Rank per week or 1 Leg of the 4th Rank per month.

Base Item is a kind of "skeleton" of your future legendary item. You will craft at its base. It must match the item of equipment that you want to create: for example, Cloak, Head or Legs will give the corresponding item at the end. You can create a basic item yourself if your character is trained in a creative profession like Tailoring or Blacksmith, or you can purchase a basic item from other players or vendors. Basic items also have ranks from 1 to 4, which correspond to the ranks of the final Legendary; the higher the rank of the base item, the more expensive it is and the more resources it takes to create it. This item, which is necessary when creating legendary items, will breathe new life into crafting professions, and will also make the resource market in demand again.

Applying Effect. SL provides the player with a wide range of available Effects that can be applied to a Legendary item; however, they need to be searched and unlocked. In order to be able to apply a specific effect to an item being created, you must first find it. Once you've “discovered” an effect, you can continue to use it when creating Legendary. How do I unlock effects? To do this, the player must collect a special memory, which can be obtained during participation in a variety of activities: in the Castle Nathria Raid, in World quests, during combat with the opposite faction, through Dungeons Run and much more. The effects that exist in the game are not universal and are specialized only for a certain element of armor: for example, special effects for the Ring or for the Cloak.

And finally, the final element that is required to create a Legendary is Runes. For each item, you need to have two runes. Each rune determines the characteristics of the distribution of Stats in the final Legend. Runes can be obtained from a scribe or bought from other players and vendors.

With all four of these elements in place, you can easily create any Legendary item that has exactly the properties that best suit your playstyle.


SL allows players to make their own choices and supports the massive trend of variable customization. However, despite the wide opportunities and great benefits that the possession of a Legendary Item gives, this class of armor must remain elite: that is why, in order to get a Legendary item, the player will have to take multiple participation in challenging activities, save resources, devote a lot of time to farming and make the creation of a Legendary item a priority if he really wants to have such an item of equipment.

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9 min read 2020-11-01 11:37:00 146