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Aberrus Full Gear Boost

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Aberrus full gear carries help WoW players collect the finest available 415-441 ilvl gear pieces from a new Dragonflight S2 raid. Visiting Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible is necessary to claim the deadliest equipment in the Embers of Neltharion update. Yet farming this instance for a whole set of such items is a lengthy, grueling slog. Order our professional service to acquire your full Aberrus set swiftly and without any hassle!


  • Multiple AtSC raid runs at the chosen difficulty;
  • Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible full gear set collected. That means items for every slot, with item level determined by difficulty;
  • Possible higher-ilvl rare items;
  • Aberrus tier set pieces;
  • Extra choices at the Great Vault;
  • Further rewards are obtained during the Aberrus full gear boost, such as currencies and reagents.


The delivery speed of our Aberrus full gear service is affected by RNG. That makes it impossible to give a precise ETA. However, we expect completion within four to six weeks in most cases. The start may be delayed if any such orders have been queued. Consult with our staff about raid availability.

We intend to implement our Aberrus full gear boost once this raid opens, a week after patch 10.1.


  • Maximum level character;
  • Clear raid cooldown on your selected difficulty.

Gear Item Levels in Aberrus Raid and New Gear Upgrade System

The starting item level of your Aberrus full gear pieces is determined by the AtSC variant they came from:

  • LFR: 402+;
  • Normal mode: 415+;
  • Heroic mode: 428+;
  • Mythic mode: 441+.

In the previous raid tier, bosses were divided into three groups based on loot ilvls. Enemies that met farther in the instance would drop gear at a higher ilvl than its baseline. It remains unclear whether this principle extends to AtSC.

DifficultyBase Item LevelGear TypeUpgraded RanksCrest for Upgrade
Raid Finder


Very Rare (415)

Veteran Gear


Whelpling Crest (first 4/8)

Drake Crest (second 4/8)



Very Rare (428)

Champion Gear


Drake Crest (first 4/8)

Wyrm Crest (second 4/8)



Very Rare (441)

Hero Gear


Wyrm Crest (first 4/8)

Aspect Crest (last upgrade)



Very Rare (441)

Not upgraded



We do know that drops from any variant below Mythic may be improved using the unified upgrade system. Each item can advance several times, adding +3 to its ilvl with each improvement. LFR and Normal drops can benefit from eight upgrades each. Items from Heroic AtSC get five. Although this mechanic is limited, it still extends the usability of those pieces substantially.

Aberrus Tier Sets

The rewards from your Aberrus full gear boost depend on both your selected difficulty and RNG. Additionally, later encounters drop tokens that may be used to acquire unique class-specific gear. Sets of two or four such items provide bonuses based on spec.


Aberrus Unique Trinket and Rare Item Drops

In addition to ordinary Aberrus gear, you have low odds of receiving the following items:

Mythic versions of these items have the same ilvl as that mode’s ordinary gear pieces. In easier modes, their ilvls are 13 above their difficulty’s baseline.

About Aberrus Gear Boosting Service

As the newest raid tier, AtSC yields top ilvl gear with great stats and other bonuses. There are potential Aberrus sets for all classes. Equipping full Aberrus raid gear would give your character a major advantage in all endgame PvE activities.

First, though, you will need to farm individual items. Doing so involves running this challenging instance repeatedly. Each encounter drops random pieces from an exclusive loot pool. You and your teammates will bid on those drops using the Group Loot mechanism. Between frustrating RNG systems and repetitive yet tough content, it is easy to burn out from the grind.

Our Aberrus gear boosting service lets you equip Shadowed Crucible full gear sets without the frustrations involved in farming them. We can acquire Aberrus sets for any or all of your characters.

Ordinarily, that would involve having a member of our team plays a chosen character from your account. Together with their teammates, this booster would keep beating this raid until an Aberrus Full Gear collection is completed. Alternatively, ordering a selfplayed boost lets you maintain control over your character in this process. That may make it take longer, depending on your schedule and skill. However, it also removes all risks of penalties due to account-sharing.

We can complete this task on any raid difficulty. Higher modes yield greater spoils, making such carries worth their price. Other objectives, like collecting class tier pieces, may be accomplished in the process.

Speak with our support team if you have any special requests not covered here. We will do everything possible to assist you with those problems. Our company also offers a variety of other Aberrus raid boost services you may find handy. You could order whole raid or individual encounter clears in any mode. 

Check out wow us boost page if you are interested in other products in this game. If you haven't found anything suitable, feel free to contact our customer support to form a custom order.

Aberrus Full Gear Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Normal (415-424 Ilvl)
Heroic (428-437 ilvl)

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