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Buy WoW Shadowlands (SL) Covenants Boost Carry Service

Covenant WoW SL services enable you to skip the prolonged farming and questing normally required to get the most use out of Shadowlands’ central faction system. Everything from cosmetic rewards to mechanically important Soulbind Conduits and exclusive gear can be yours, quickly and easily. CakeBoost’s professional players will advance your character’s relationship with your Covenant of choice as far as you want from any starting point.

Buy WoW Shadowlands (SL) Covenants Boost Carry Service

Covenants - 4 major organizations that share influence over the vast lands of SL. The Maw is a neutral zone, unaffected by anyone; however, each of the other 4 zones is controlled by a respective Covenant: Night Fae inhabit the Ardenweald, Kyrians serve in Bastion, the Necrolords are immersed in the never-ending darkness of war in Maldraxxus, and finally the Venthyrs inhabit Revendreath. Each of these Covenants possesses a large following and substantial military power at their disposal.

Each Covenant is unique, has its own culture, traditions and worldview. Besides the atmosphere and setting, Covenants also differ significantly in the mechanics of their skills, assignments, special talents and equipment. The player can join any Covenant that suits him the most in terms of playstyle, features, philosophy and aesthetics, as well as views on how things should be resolved and how SL should develop in the future.

In order to strengthen his position within the chosen Covenant, the player must complete the tasks that the organization offers to complete. In addition to completing special Covenant quests, players can increase their reputation level using the special resource Freed Soul from Torghast Tower or Renown from Renown Weekly Event. These are weekly events that can significantly improve your position. This means you will have access to more interesting and rewarding content, better rewards, more useful Covenant Talents.

CakeBoost offers full support in achieving the required reputation with your chosen Covenant. You can independently choose the way in which you strengthen your position: we can get a certain amount of Renown, Freed Souls, or get the Weekly Renown cap - the maximum amount of Renown allowed to gather in 1 week.
Each of the services presented is aimed at rapid and significant improvement of the required aspects and positions with minimal loss of time and at a favorable low price. Detailed information about each of the services can be found on the Services’ individual webpage.

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