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Shadowlands Covenants Boost

Covenant WoW SL services enable you to skip the prolonged farming and questing normally required to get the most use out of Shadowlands’ central faction system. Everything from cosmetic rewards to mechanically important Soulbind Conduits and exclusive gear can be yours, quickly and easily. CakeBoost’s professional players will advance your character’s relationship with your Covenant of choice as far as you want from any starting point.

Shadowlands Covenants Boost

Why Should You Buy Covenants Carry Service from CakeBoost? 

World of Warcraft is constantly evolving. This huge MMORPG is considered not only one of the most popular, but also one of the best in its genre. The release of each new add-on becomes an event that overshadows any other game on the market. Shadowlands was no exception. Absolutely new locations on which the epic story of the world of the dead will unfold will also become a battlefield for millions of players around the world. Obviously, the huge variety of PvP and PvE content guarantees hundreds of hours of fun gameplay. But it also brings its own difficulties.

Like in all previous expansions, Shadowlands significantly changes the endgame gameplay. Among the wide variety of new gameplay elements, the so-called Covenants play a special role. Each Covenant is an independent campaign that the player must fully complete in order to unlock special sets of class-specific skills and abilities, as well as open access to most of the rest of the endgame content. That is why the process of completing the Covenant of any Covenant takes dozens of hours. You must complete about a hundred quests and various challenges before you can say that you have officially become a member of the Covenant.

This is the main difficulty. First, you need to reach the maximum level of the character, which already takes time, and then complete quests in a specific direction. All this takes a lot of time and effort, and not every player manages to break through the Covenant campaign and see most of the endgame content.

That is why CakeBoost is pleased to offer various Covenant-relayed carry boosting services for any type of needs. With our help, you will save a huge amount of free time and easily deal with all the obstacles that stand in front of you on your way to endgame content.

Why Can You Trust Covenant Campaign Boosting Service from CakeBoost? 

There are many different shops on the boosting market, but compared to them, CakeBoost has a number of advantages. If you learn about how our boosting services are being executed, you will easily understand by yourself why you can trust our Covenant boosting services.

  • We managed to create an effective 24/7 online support system. Our team is ready to answer any question you may have about Covenant boosting services. If you are not sure which service to order, then you can get detailed advice at any time of the day or night.
  • We are very strict about the security of your account. Our boosters never use any illegal software, bots or any cheats. Additional security is achieved through the use of special VPN services.
  • We only hire professional gamers who know absolutely everything about World of Warcraft. Shadowlands has been fully studied by our boosters, and there is no such task that they could not cope with. Covenant boosting is not an exception.
  • We were able to reach the lowest prices for our services thanks to the speed and quality of boosts improved to the maximum.

All of these are the main reasons why if you buy Covenants boosting service at Cake Boost, you are guaranteed to get 100% results. We have created a community of gamers from all around the world that trust and use our boosting services daily. 

What Covenant Boosting Services Can You Buy on CakeBoost? 

Before choosing a specific boosting service, let’s learn more about Covenants in Shadowlands. Right now there are 4 different Covenants presented in the game. Each of them can offer a unique campaign full of various events to participate in. The Covenants differ significantly from each other, with their own unique gameplay mechanics that require detailed study. Beyond that, the Covenants are also very different in terms of aesthetics and visual design. Each of the 4 different Covenants require a lot of time, skill and nerves in order to be fully completed. 

Our professional boosting services will help you to save your free time and quickly complete any Covenant. To Buy Covenants boosting service, you have to choose a desired Covenant and choose desired additional options. 

Here is what we can offer:

Night Fae boosting - members of Night Fae Covenant serve to the ideals of the balance between death and nature. Their leader is the Winter Queen, and she is waiting for an honorable hero just like you. For a cheap price our professional boosters are going to fully complete Night Fae questlines, farm you 80 renown level and unlock all the Night Fae items, collectables, toys and and even a special mount. 

Necrolords campaing boosting - this Covenant will tell you a story about brave undead warriors. Become a member of Necrolords Covenant and stand as a protector of Shadowlands against all the dangers that are coming to this world of death and sorrow. With help of our professional boosters, maximum renown level with Necrolords will be reached, all of the related items, gear and collectables unlocked and all questlines completed - all of that for a very low cost! 

Kyrians Covenant boosting - statistically, Kyrian Covenant is considered to be one of the most popular choices by players. If you want to become an angel-like creature and serve the highest members of the Shadowlands - this is a choice for you. Our boosters will reach 80 renown level, unlock all of the Kyrians-related items and collectables and guarantee you a place of the most honored champions of Kyrian Covenant. 

Venthyr Covenant full boosting - creatures of Venthyr will remind you of some of the legends about vampires. These creepy creatures are also really good and effective warriors. Our boosters will help you to become a member of Venthyr Covenant, reach maximum renown, unlock all the skills and abilities this Covenant can offer. 

Shadowlands Soulbinds Conduits - basically, Soulbind is a special magical ritual that combines souls and makes them significantly more powerful. Right now you can perform up to 3 soulbinds, and our professional boosters are ready to assist you with that. 

Covenant Renown Weekly Cap - this boosting service will help you to fully complete covenant renown weekly cap for a low price. 

Renown Level 1-80 Boost - the most basic boosting service we can offer in the Covenant category. You can reach a desired level of renown with any Covenant from any starting point. 

If you are ready to Buy Covenants Boost Service, just place an order of a desired boost!