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Automa Reputation

Neutral - Friendly
Friendly - Honored
Honored - Revered
Revered - Exalted
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Automa Unlock
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Buy Automa Reputation

The Automa are a faction of arcane robot-like custodians found in Patch 9.2’s iconic location, Zereth Mortis. Their support is necessary to fully master this region and the numerous lucrative activities that are available there. You can use a boost to raise your reputation with them to the desired level without having to do anything yourself. Buy Automa Reputation carry service from CakeBoost for optimal carry quality and reliability. As soon as you get a boost for this group, our team of boosting professionals will farm all activities that could bring you those beings’ favor. On top of your new standing, you will receive any items and other benefits acquired in the process.


  • Any level of reputaion with Automa;
  • Socket Maker for Gear in Shadowlands Season 3;
  • Access to epic mount on Exalted reputation level


  • up to 6 weeks

Automa Boosting Service

The ‘Eternity End’ 9.2.0 patch adds several thrilling pieces of content to the players who acquired the Shadowlands expansion. Among them is a whole new area, called Zereth Mortis. As always, it brings rewards for those willing to grind away hours of their life. Doing that on your own is gruesome, but that’s the whole point of this service. Carry services are boosting offers that enable you to do something else rather than spend your time laboring away to get a bonus at the end of the long road. That’s why services people get a boost from services such as Cakeboost. Our professionals can complete all the requirements for you, albeit you need to pay a fee and surrender your account for a while.

The new zone is home to a new faction, called Automa. They are robots with their own agenda in the area. Interacting with Automa brings heaps of new content onto the table. You get to do quests for them, and in exchange you receive the reputation points, like with other new factions in the expansion. With each level of fame in Automa, you receive new bonuses, including a gear set and a unique mount, which are reasons enough for many people to labor away for weeks on end. At the end of the day, it’s a grind process. Some people don’t have time or willingness to go through all these quests on their own. That’s exactly why boost services exist. They allow you to get the loot without spending your time and nerves on repetitive activities.

In exchange for a fixed fee, customers get to receive a specific reputational bonus with Automa. The main service carries you from one level of renown to the other among Automa, and you can do several level upgrades at the same time. Customers who find it grueling to slog through the entire reputation arch often buy the entire Automa reputation upgrade from neutral to exalted, but it’s possible to purchase a partial package, as well.

Automa Reputation Carry Service: How Does It Work?

  • Select one of the orders
  • Discuss the details with the specialist that contacts you
  • Share the account info (it is a pilot service)
  • After the task is complete, get your account back with all the benefits

The customer-provider communication is available in many forms. For instance, you can join a Discord channel, where the progression surrounding your Automa reputation will be updated regularly. It’s even possible to request a stream if you want to view the playthrough yourself.
The service is carried out exceptionally by professionals.

Why Should You Buy Automa Reputation From Us?

Cakeboost is a tried and tested provider of boosting services. In addition to transparency, we offer competitive prices, speedy completion and high quality of end service. At the same time, customers who buy from Cakeboost can count on a personal approach to every order.

What You will Get?

By the end of the run, you received these bonuses:

  • An increased reputation
  • A gear socket maker for Shadowlands S3
  • Unique mount (on exalted)

Like with other factions, a positive reputation provides discounts with vendors. Automa provides several unique items, which need to be purchased. In this case, discounts are very welcome. The discount size is 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% respectively for each positive reputation level.
As for real rewards, there is extra minor gear obtainable from the quartermaster of Automa upon reaching a specific pool of reputation points.

Full upgrade from neutral to exalted takes ~6 weeks. A partial reputation upgrade takes less, but there’s no saying how long for a particular boost. Keep in mind that each new level is steeper than the last. To progress to each new level of Automa reputation, you require twice as many reputation points as for the previous tier. These points are collected from daily and world quests. Usually, the specialist responsible for carrying the character reports the progression with quests. Judging by how many quests have been completed, how many points were gained and how much is left, you can estimate the approximate amount of time left. It’s usually no smaller than a week.


The main service offers 4 upgrade options, from the current level to the next (neutral -> friendly -> honored -> revered -> exalted). If you want more than one upgrade (for instance, from neutral to revered), you have to select several orders. To receive all bonuses, however, you need to complete the entire Automa reputation run.

Type of service

How much of it you want to entrust to professionals is up to you. Our staff is experienced and highly trained. Moreover, they don’t get distracted by side activities. Therefore, their completion time is likely bound to be shorter than what most customers can accomplish. Consider also that trained boosters spend whole days boosting characters in the most optimal ways possible, which can’t always be true for players. These carry services are piloted, which means you have to give up the account completely. It’ll be returned to you after the task is carried out in full, albeit you get to demand reports, ask for a direct stream or stop the run at any time.

Additional options

There are 2 additional services. Because the reputation boost is only available to accounts who unlocked both the area of Zereth Mortis and the faction of Automa, players need to reach them before signing up for the carry service. However, you can pay to unlock either of them, as well. Moreover, you can buy the full Automa playthrough: from unlocking the area to reaching the rank of exalted – in the same order.

By completing the Automa reputation run, players get to receive several worthwhile rewards from the Automa quartermaster. All rewards will be claimed as part of the boost run, which means the character will already have all the rewards when you receive them back. The rewards require reputation points. It means that to purchase the top reward (that being the mount reins) you need to complete a lot of quests for Automa. To boost from neutral to exalted, one needs 42,000 reputation points. That’s precisely why this activity takes several weeks of real time.


This is a flexible service: many nuances are up to your specifications, which greatly benefits the customer. The Automa reputation boost is thoroughly discussed in a special chat with a living staff member, which means a personable approach is a certainty. That being said, keep tabs on what you’re ordering.

A rep level-up increases your reputation from one tier to another, which requires you to have a tier in question. Buying an upgrade without meeting this requirement means you either have to reschedule your Automa reputation boost until you rise to the required level yourself, or buy additional services so that it can be done for you. It’s also possible to use a boost twice in separate sessions (for instance: neutral -> friendly & revered -> exalted). It means a staff member will first reach a friendly reputation on your character, then return the control to you, wait for you to reach revered and then take it over from there. Some users just don’t like slogging through certain stages. The service is very flexible, but do make sure to stay on top of things and regularly check your chat to see how the boosting is progressing.