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Choosing Aldor or Scryer in Burning Crusade Classic

Choosing Aldor or Scryer in Burning Crusade Classic
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The Aldor and the Scryers are the most significant new factions to appear in Burning Crusade Classic. You will first encounter them in Shattrath as you get through the early expansion content. Each one of these rival groups can give its allies unique quests, high-level gear, recipes for professions, and access to a stronghold with helpful NPCs near the Black Temple. However, throwing in with one group will anger the other, making their alliances mutually exclusive.

While it is technically feasible to remain neutral, you would be missing out on many benefits. For many adventurers, the choice between those two factions is one of the most impactful decisions they would make while in the Outland. Each one offers rewards that present different advantages, which may be relatively minor in some cases, but critical to certain character builds in others. Read on to learn the factors you need to consider in order to make an informed choice.

Choice of Allegiance

Once your character has reached level 60 or higher and completed the introductory questline in Shattrath, you will receive two further quests. One will ask you to form an alliance with the Aldor, while the other is for their rivals. Most adventurers will begin at Neutral standing with both groups, rising to Friendly after completing this quick quest. The two exceptions are the Blood Elves who are initially Friendly with the Scryers and Unfriendly with the Aldor, and the Draenei, who have the inverse situation. The adventurer’s standing with the group they did not choose will automatically drop to Hostile, meaning that they are no longer welcome in their part of the city.

You will need to put in some effort to unlock all the benefits of loyalty to your new allies. Specifically, you will need to play through quests (some of which are unique to that group) and turn in special items:

Scryer Reputation Farm ItemsAldor Reputation Farm Items
Firewing Signets (until Honored)Marks of Kil’jaeden (until Honored)
Sunfury SignetsMarks of Sargeras
Arcane TomesFel Armaments

Every reputation gain with one group will be accompanied by a corresponding 110% loss with its rival. To join the other group after that, you would first have to improve your standing with them back to Neutral, which is done by farming Dampscale Basilisk Eyes for the Scryers or Dreadfang Venom Sacs for the Aldor. Both can be farmed in Terokkar Forest, north of the city or around Auchindoun respectively. To recover from being Hated, you may have to bring in approximately 1344 of those items. Given the effort required to build a reputation or change sides, you should try to choose your allies in advance.


Neither relationship is significantly harder to advance than the other. Nevertheless, there are a few considerations of convenience to keep in mind:

  • On average, Scryer reputation-boosting turn-ins are a little more accessible and cheaper to buy than those of their opponents, though you can find good farming areas for both (for example, The Mechanar and The Arcatraz dungeons can be used for either one);
  • Aldor Rise is very high up and can only be accessed through an elevator. It is famously easy for an uncautious player to fall to their death when trying to leave that district. The Scryer’s Tier is closer to the flight path and the ground level, making it quicker and safer to access;
  • Aldor Rise contains a handy shortcut to Nagrand that will take you close to the Ring of Trials Arena. While enemies of the order can access it in theory, they would have to sneak past the guards or else risk being teleported out of the city;
  • The sole Jewelcrafting trainer in the city is with the Aldor, while the only Enchanting trainer is with the Scryers. Those who side with the opposite faction will have to go to Hellfire Peninsula or Netherstorm to level up those professions;
  • Blood Elves and Draenei would take slightly more time to improve their standing with the option that dislikes their race. It should not take very long to get to the lowest positive standing, though, after which the difference disappears.


Each faction offers a wealth of Bind on Pickup items that could be purchased from its quartermasters after reaching a sufficiently high reputation or acquired as a reward from its questgivers. While both factions have some special gifts for all classes, including Tier 4 and 5 Set pieces, certain among their unique offerings stand out as especially useful.

The Scryer’s Bloodgem trinket is one such item, giving pro-Scryer casters major spell hit rating, damage, and healing bonuses. Together with other spell power-boosting gear, it makes Scryers the favorite choice of most DPS casters. The Aldor, on the other hand, win over most classes in other roles through their solid protective pieces and the likes of Vindicator’s Brand – the best one-handed sword to be found outside of higher-level PvE or PvP rewards.

Additionally, both potential allies offer powerful flasks for exclusive use in high-level raid instances. Those flasks require a high standing with one of the groups but are identical for both factions, so they are just another reason to concentrate on raising your standing as quickly as possible.


Shoulder enchantments known as Inscriptions are widely considered to be one of the main reasons to go with either faction. Each of them offers exclusive role-specific Bind on Pickup enchantments that can be applied to shoulder pieces, conferring significant stat bonuses to adventurers.

Uncommon (green) Inscriptions can be acquired once you reach Honored standing with your allies, while Rare (blue) Inscriptions become available at Exalted standing. Additionally, you will require faction-specific materials acquired through your turn-ins. The higher-level enchantments are especially valuable, making them a must-have as you take on the expansion’s advanced PvE content like the Hyjal Summit raid and upwards. Although the same-tier offerings for the same roles may seem broadly similar, they lean more towards different stats, which makes them more useful for specific class specializations. For example, Feral Druids rely more on dodging, so the higher dodge boost offered by Aldor Inscriptions benefits them more.

Between the unique items and enchantments, it is possible to make the following recommendations for different class specs:

Recommended Aldor Class SpecsRecommended Scryer Class Specs
Feral DruidsBalance Druids
Restoration DruidsSurvival Hunters
Beast Mastery HuntersArcane Mages
Marksmanship HuntersFire Mages
Holy PaladinsFrost Mages
Protection PaladinsElemental Shamans
Retribution PaladinsAffliction Warlocks
Holy PriestsDemonology Warlocks
Shadow PriestsDestruction Warlocks
Assassination Rogues
Combat Rogues
Subtlety Rogues
Enhancement Shamans
Restoration Shamans
Arms Warriors
Fury Warriors
Protection Warriors

Although primarily meant for PvE due to the rise of PvP-focused gear, you probably won’t go wrong with those choices in any kind of content, whether you want to run dungeons or compete in Battlegrounds. Note that those are simply rough recommendations, however. It is best to do more in-depth research on your spec, its best stats, and recommended gear, as there can often be positive trade-offs for going with the “less optimal” faction.


As you improve your standing, you can also receive several unique crafting recipes from your comrades. While useful, not all of those recipes are equally valuable or make a major difference:

  • The Scryers offer an Alchemy recipe for the Elixir of Major Firepower, which increases fire spell damage;
  • Both factions have unique armor set patterns for Blacksmithing and Leatherworking, but the only mechanical difference between them is that the Aldor pieces have fire resistance and the Scryer pieces have arcane resistance;
  • The Aldor present Jewelcrafting designs for two cut gems and one pendant, while the Scryers have one gem and one pendant;
  • Both factions have Tailoring patterns for two leg enchantments each, offering subtly different bonuses. The Aldor can also teach you  to make an exclusive three-piece cloth armor set.

Note that the crafted items are Bind on Equip, meaning that they can be traded freely and do not affect the faction class balance by themselves. The profession benefits are pretty straightforward – more items means smoother and more productive skill leveling.


When the Sunwell Plateau raid becomes available in the expansion, adventuerrs will also have an opportunity to acquire special pendants after raising their Shattered Sun Offensive reputation to Exalted. In addition to their standard bonuses, those epic neck items have a 15% chance to give an extra effect to wielders who have become Exalted with either of the Shattrath powers:

ItemAldor bonus effectScryer bonus effect
Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen+120 spell damage for 10 secondsArcane Bolt with 333 to 367 damage
Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve+100 dodge rating for 10 seconds+100 expertise rating for 10 seconds
Shattered Sun Pendant of Might+200 attack power for 10 secondsArcane Strike with 333 to 367 damage
Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration+220 healing and +74 spell damage for 10 secondsHeals for 618 to 682

The decision to go with the Aldors or the Scryers is not a simple one. Although some character choices might clearly benefit more from one affiliation or the other, it is easy to find yourself in a situation where your class spec suggests one option and your profession favors another. That said, while this choice can definitely make a difference to the gameplay, pursuing a less than optimal combination should never be crippling. You can always simply go with the option that seems more compelling for roleplaying reasons and get coaching if you are worried about disadvantages in your build.

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