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WoW Rare Mounts

Other Mount WoW SL boosts allow you to acquire vintage mounts from earlier World of Warcraft expansions without having to repeatedly farm older content to acquire achievements or necessary currencies. CakeBoost’s professional players will fulfill your chosen mounts’ complex and varied unlock conditions as efficiently as they can. Those mounts will be yours to ride or fly through eligible zones very quickly.

WoW Rare Mounts

Buy WoW Rare Mounts

Among the huge number of Mounts presented both in SL and in WoW in general, there is a special layer of extremely rare Mounts that are unique in their exterior and are not so easy to obtain. Possession of such a copy not only helps you move faster but also favorably emphasizes the individuality of your character, stands out from the crowd and speaks of a special attitude towards the atmosphere of the game. They can be obtained for participating in unique Events or completing complex tasks, access to which is not obvious.

This category includes magnificent land Mounts such as Midnight, Invincible's Reins, or GMOD, as well as majestic flying Mounts such as Clutch of Ha-Li, Cloud Serpents of all colors, or Twilight Avenger. We are constantly updating the list of available Mounts as they are added to SL, so CakeBoost is ready to help you in the process of getting ANY of the existing ones in the game, no matter how rare and difficult to obtain.

A lot of players spend a lot of effort and a huge amount of time trying to find exactly the Special Mount that they want. CakeBoost guarantees full support in obtaining any of the presented Mounts - you will get what you want with a 100% guarantee, all you have to do is decide which specific instance you want to get.

On the individual pages of each Mount, you will find its description, image, as well as path that must be overcome in order to receive it. We will help you avoid common mistakes and take a series of effective actions to quickly achieve your goal. CakeBoost guarantees fast results: with the help of our services, you can become the owner of a truly unique and extraordinary Mount as soon as possible and at a very low cost.

Each of the services presented is aimed at rapid and significant improvement of the required aspects and positions with minimal loss of time and at a favorable low price. Detailed information about each of the services can be found on the Services’ individual webpage.