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Ulduar Timewalking Boost

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Ulduar Timewalking Boost
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In Shadowlands players can complete dozens of totally new instances. One of these is a special Ulduar Timewalking raid that is available only during specific snippets of time, when TMW weeks are happening. TMW Raids differ from other raids as they are only available during certain TMW weeks. They also differ from Timewalking dungeons in that you need a group of 10 to 30 people to run through the raid. All players must be 60 level or higher as well. Ulduar is a Titan complex that plays the role of a prison for the Old God of Death named Yogg-Saron. There you will face 14 different encounters which are separated into 5 wings, to defeat each of them you will have to come up with a suitable strategy. Yet, the rewards can be very good, as completion of Ulduar will bring you rarest items in the game. If you want to complete Ulduar Timewalking and save both of your free time and nerves - just buy Ulduar Timewalking Boost service by CakeBoost and trust the professionals!


  • Full Ulduar Timewalking Run
  • A lot of trmog items
  • Chance to get Mimiron's Head mount
  • Chance to get any battle pets


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