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Every Shadowlands dungeons have Covenant’s special buffs. One player is enough to activate this buff for the whole group but sometimes it is hard to decide what buffs do you need for a successful run. The number of available buffs is huge and varies from increased damage to improved healing.

In this guide, you will learn what buffs should be chosen for specific dungeons and also read some small tips that will help you to improve your results.

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Covenant buffs

Kyrian Buffs

  • "Spires of Ascension" - gives the player the ability to activate a “Spear of Destiny” against the pack of hostile mobs. It puts a stun debuff on the nearby foes and increases incoming damage for them to 20%. Debuff will continue for 10 seconds.
  • Necrotic wave - the whole party unlocks Anima Exhaust effect. When activated this buff improves the speed of your movement and improves your AoE damage, it also heals you every four seconds. Duration of the buff is 1 minute

Night Fae Buffs

  • "De Other Side"  - "Haunted Urns" should be located and activated all around the level. It stuns every nearby mob for ten seconds.
  • "Mists of Tirna Scithe" - a huge buff that gives you an ability to skip traveling with help of a special passage, gives 2 rare abilities for the whole party: "Savory Statshroom" (it heals your character after usage and improves your AG, STR and INT stats by 10% for ten minutes) and "Tasty Toughshroom" (instant heal and improved STAM).

Venthyr Buffs

  • "Sanguine Depths" - "Anima cages" stand around the Depths. They can be activated with a 20 seconds duration. If any nearby enemy dies during this effect, the player will get a pack of “Sinfall Boon”. It increases the given damage by 5% and improves healing for 60 seconds. You are able to use this buff up to 10 times, stacking the effect.
  • "Halls of Atonement" - after using this buff near any "Loyal Stoneborn", it will start to fight against your enemies for twenty seconds.

Necrolord Buffs

  • "Theater of Pain": after activating a "Necrolord banner" your crew is granted with “Necrolord’s Command” effect that gives every member of the party improved speed of movement and Versatility for ten seconds.
  • "Plaguefall" - very effective buff. After activating "Fleshcraft" against bodies of dead slimes your party will get a special aura for 3 minutes. This aura gives you 10% damage reduction, AoE damage skill and 15% Haste.

Where to find Covenant’s buffs

  • Spires Ascension

When you and your party successfully defeat the Kin-Tara, Kyrian's player can find and activate three special dead bodies. Players who interact with the body are granted the "Spear Of Destiny" effect.

  • Necrotic Wake

During this dungeon, a party can find two "Malfunctioning Goliaths". First will be found nearby the location of the first boss. Another one will be found on the bridge right after defeating the first boss.

Kyrian’s players can interact with this goliath with help of their special “Summon Steward” skill. During speaking with him, you need to choose a special Goliath-related phrase that is available only near it. After activation, you will find five special "Anima" orbs around the Goliath. Each of the orbs unlocks Anima Exhaust buff after picking up.

  • De Other Side

During this dungeon, you can activate Haunted Urns in any random place. Use this urn and grant yourself access to Haunted Urn buff.

  • Mists of Tirna Scithe

The road to this buff is a tricky one. At the beginning of the challenge, you will find “Overgrown Roots”. Players of Night Fae Covenant are able to use them, clean them out and open a secret path for the whole party.

Right before the Malock, another "Overgrown Roots" can be located and activated. After clearing them out your party will find a set of special mushrooms “Savory Statshroom” and  “Tasty Toughshroom”. Each of them boosts everyone after usage.

  • Sanguine Depths

All around the levels of this dungeon stands special "Anima Cages". Any Venthyr champion is able to beat them and keep them open for 20 seconds. Any hostile mob around will get an “Anima drain” effect. When a mob dies during this effect, you are granted the "Sinfall Boon" ability.

  • Halls of Atonement

While completing this challenge, a Loyal Stoneborn mob can be found multiple times. Venthyr Covenant’s players can activate this mob after approaching them. Right after activation Loyal Stoneborn will be your ally for thirty seconds. It brings its rage against enemy mobs and just flies away after its effect ends.

  • Plaguefall

Rare slimes of three types can be killed around Plaguefall dungeon. Any Necrolord's Covenant champion is able to use specific Fleshcraft skill on the dead bodies of these slimes. This gives the player a special aura, effects of which depend on the type of the dead slime.

  • Theater of Pain

While completing this challenge heroes will be able to locate 3 Necrolord banners. To find these banners you and your allies have to successfully defeat the first boss.  Any Necrolord’s hero is able to use this banner to grant themself good “Necrolord’s Chosen” buff with a 5 minutes duration. If any player stands nearby at the moment of the activation he will be given “Necrolord’s Command” for 10 minutes.

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