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How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands

How to Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands
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Gold has always been a big part of World of Warcraft. The Shadowlands expansion has not changed that. You can use the MMORPG’s primary currency in many ways, from buying consumables and gear to leveling up professions or creating a trading empire. Depending on your goals, having large quantities of gold at your disposal may be essential. However, getting it is not as easy as it looks. While nearly every activity in the game yields some money, you will not get a lot of it from story quests and mobs. To earn money quickly, you will have to use more focused methods. Read on to find out about the most efficient goldmaking methods in the game right now and how you can profit from them.

Repeatable Activities

If you wish to make gold through regular PvE gameplay, your options are more limited than you may realize. The latest raids and dungeons require a lot of effort and coordination to pull off, while open world and legacy content typically has low yields. Instances are also subject to fairly strict lockouts to restrict farming. Daily and weekly World Quests strike the ideal balance between availability and rewards. They are the optimal goldmaking route for those wishing to make their fortunes solo without spending hours on crafting and trading.


Covenant Callings are the most profitable World Quests in the game right now. You get one every day and can have up to three active at once. They require you to travel to a Shadowlands zone (including the Maw) and complete quests and other activities there. In exchange, you will receive a tribute chest full of rewards, many of which you can sell to vendors at a high price. Just as importantly, Callings are an efficient means of improving your standing with one of the reputation factions like the Ascended. Reaching a maximum reputation then allows you to start earning Paragon reputation earning a highly lucrative chest at every 10,000 reputation milestone.

Covenants offer another useful though often overlooked method of earning gold. Once you have unlocked your Sanctum and purchased a Command Table, you could use it to send out companions on adventures. Success will result in rewards including gold and sellable items. While the payouts for each adventure are relatively small, they still add up over time. Once you have the autobattler-style gameplay figured out, it is essentially a passive income. Remember to level up your adventurers and unlock more by rescuing them from Torghast or earning enough Renown.

Using Professions

Professions greatly increase your ability to profit in WoW. There are two basic ways to use them. The first involves gathering professions. Simply harvest all the raw materials you could and sell them to other players in the Auction House. The products of Mining and Herbalism may find more demand as they are needed for a larger number of professions. However, they also typically require you to go out of your way to find the nodes. Meanwhile, Skinning is something you can do in the midst of regular gameplay, enhancing standard mob farming runs.

The second method is for crafting professions. It requires more planning and investment, as you will likely have to buy materials, but it can pay off better. This expansion has introduced craftable Legendaries, and unsurprisingly they have become central to the economy. Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring allow you to profit by supplying the bases for Legendary items, while Inscription does so by providing Missives. That said, Alchemy and Enchanting may be a surer bet, as they offer popular consumables as well as Legendary materials.

Playing the Market

Being able to use the Auction House is crucial if you want to make a real fortune. However, it requires the most effort and research on your part. At the basic level, you will want to check your server’s current prices to know what materials or products you should focus on with your professions. You can plan ahead to sell consumables in time for raids. If you have the time, focus, and resources for a starting investment, you can make the most gold by flipping goods: buying cheap and waiting to sell high. You can flip anything from materials to mounts or gear that may be in greater demand later.


Ultimately, the best goldmaking method really depends on your preferences as a player. Playing the market is a game inside a game. If it not your thing, you can still make a tidy profit with activities you like. Likewise, players who wish to explore remote corners may get more out of gathering professions than those with a different focus. If you are not sure which method you would prefer, use our PvE coaching service. Our coaches will help you identify the most suitable goldmaking techniques for you and give you up-to-date tips so you could start making gold hand over fist!

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