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Torghast besides a new challenge offers players an opportunity to farm for Soul Ash which is a necessary resource for crafting any Legendary Armor parts. The dungeon is not an easy one, and the bosses here will need an individual approach and strategy. This guide can help you out.

The number of bosses the players have to defeat will depend on whether you are going for the normal or Twisting Corridors mode. If you go for the first case you will deal only with one on the 6th Floor. In the second case, players have to deal with a new boss three times. Some of the floors provide you with an opportunity to find out which boss you are going to face, and this information must be used as an advantage to get ready and prepare. Before each of them, you will have an opportunity to get some Anima Powers, items and to change your talents.

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Tips for encounters

  • With Dark Ascended Corrus the players should pay attention to 2 skills. Shadow Rip can be countered with Shadow Swipe or with the use of Blinding Smoke Capsules that can be acquired from vendors. The damage, in this case, is not that severe, so keep closer attention to Stygian Shield. In this case, you will have to deal with an attack power reduction, so a dispel should be kept for those situations only.
  • While fighting Goxul you should make your main priority the interruption of the skill Mass Devour. In this case, any CCs will help, so keep an eye for your skills' cooldowns, any talent aimed to reduce the cooldown will be of great use too. Shatter Essence's should not provide any challenge, just cleave them down, they do not have much HP.
  • Custodian Thonar is a bit trickier mainly due to the fact that he deals significant damage in melee. Blinding Smoke should be bought from the vendors, they can help greatly against this boss. To make the fight a bit less challenging and minimize the effectiveness of Noxious Cloud, do your best to drive Thonar to the corners. Keep a close look at the Hook, use either interrupts or CCs but try not to choose the fitting position. When the boss gets under the shield, Thorned Shell, use the time wisely to heal and prepare for other attacks, just wait it out, your own attacks will not be effective at all.
  • While dealing with Writhing Soulmass you will also have to think of the way to deal with Smaller masses as well. They explode when they are destroyed, so CCs, Blinding Smoke, or slows can help against that. But the damage that goes for the smaller masses does not register on the boss itself, so it can be useful to put a marker in advance.
  • With Maw of the Maw players mainly should focus on the Devour that results in significant boss damage increase, especially due to the stacks. If possible try not to get any Obleron Powers in Torghast, otherwise use stuns or CCs to counter it. Another problem here is Gunk that adds a slow, so its interruption must be a priority as well.
  • The Grand Malleare casts Withering Roar that affects your HP, lowering it significantly, so its interruption must become a priority. Other skills can be dodged rather easily or interrupted if there is any problem.
  • With Cellblock Sentinel you need to be patient. When Crumbling Walls is in act stop whatever you are doing and kite the boss around, in the duration of Lumbering Might, though, you still have an opportunity to attack with ranged abilities. This boss can give some troublesome stuns, though they can be avoided: running away works well with Ground Crush, and the situation is similar for the Shockwave, just move to the backside.
  • Binder Baritas spawns some mobs that you need to despawn with a CC whenever you can, they have a high HP that will add trouble otherwise. Shadow Bolt needs to be interrupted, try to keep a close look on the cooldown, Soul Echo will be less troublesome, those can be dodged.
  • Compared to others Synod gives you a real challenge, the fight here must be finished fast due to the effects of Intimidating Presence as well as Solidify that become real trouble later. Generally, Drums may help with this boss, or any other outside help that you believe can be useful. Among these two skills, you will have to prioritize the first one. While picking the abilities make sure to take as many CCs as it is possible to deal with this skill. The second skill causes the most trouble with the Interrupting Slam.
  • With Watchers of Death prioritize all your interrupting skills for the Fearsome Howl, if you still have more available use them on Steal Vitality. The Prophecy of Death is avoidable so will not cause as many problems.
  • Defeating Decayspeaker can be rather tiring due to the boss' shield. In the beginning, players have to use both fast and instant abilities to remove or at the very least reduce the impact of the buff to deal some decent amount of damage later. Bombs are not as troublesome, just dodge away.
  • For Laguas your interrupts will be of huge help for all incoming attacks. First, prioritize the Curse due to the fact that it will strengthen all the other abilities. If you missed an opportunity to prevent the skill from making the effect, any way of removing Curses will still help. Deaden Magic can be either interrupted or dispelled if you do not wish to deal with a shield. The next priority after the previous two is Soul Bolt, the chances are that you will not be able to interrupt all of these. The last skill, Suppress, will not require any special skills and can be dodged rather easily.
  • Dealing with Observer Zelgar your main priority will be Aerial Strikes that you will have to do your best to dodge. Save as many as possible of your interrupts for the Focused Blast and you will need some stuns or CCs for Ocular Beam, but keep in mind your surroundings.
  • Skoldus is among the less challenging yet his skills can still give you some trouble. The first thing you have to watch out for is the skill Rats that is an ability that can slow the players down and in combination with the other two give real problems, do your best to interrupt or CC it. If you managed to deal with that then Rat Traps and Hulking Charge will be easily dodgeable by just moving further away.
  • In the case of Kosarus the Fallen you just need to minimize the moving in order not to cause the Predator's Gaze to activate. You should only change your location during the Collapse skill so plan all your moves carefully. There is one way to move without getting the boss enraged is through various teleportation skills
  • While fighting Gherus, the main priority is the interruption of the Howl to avoid Fear. Devour Soul is cast rather rarely but make sure to save a stun for it. You can deal with Incorporeal two ways: you can either interrupt it or spend the time it is activated on healing and renewing abilities.
  • Warden of Souls increases your incoming damage with Well of Souls, to counter that you will have to keep the boss away from the zone with this effect. The next skill is Soul Fragment that creates 3 adds with low HP and damage but try not to ignore them until they become a problem and cleave them off earlier. Your interrupts should go for Fearsome Howl, as it is the only interruptible skill cooldowns that will not become an issue.
  • Get as many skills aimed to interrupt the opponent as is possible for Cromwell. The main priority for the players is Crippling Burst so that your attack speed remains intact. Dread Plague is avoidable just by moving away from the melee if you need to save interrupts for Dark Bolt Volley as well. Dealing with Creeping Sins is easy as well, dodging the void zones should not be an issue.
  • Longbranch also begins the battle with a reduction of the received damage so the case is very similar to the Decayspeaker. The players will have to start with all fast and instant abilities to deal with the Shell. To make sure all your damage does not go in vain, interrupt the Bounty of the Forest to prevent the boss from healing and if you missed the opportunity you can still dispel it. The Crush needs to be countered in one of the next two ways: you can either avoid a cone that causes the min problems or use an interrupt.


Bosses of the dungeon Torghast vary greatly in the difficulty and required preparations but the knowledge of their peculiarities beforehand can reduce the trouble. Each of them needs special attention to certain skills and your own cooldowns. The tips provided can minimize the risks and give you a chance to complete the Torghast with ease.

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10 min read 2021-02-03 05:10:00 0