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Buy Shadowlands Legendary Upgrade to Rank 7

In Shadowlands legendary items can be upgraded with help of Runecarver. In order to upgrade your item, you have to obtain the necessary amount of Soul Ash - special currency that can be farmed only in Togrhast. Soul Ash farming can take a huge amount of your free time. Right now there are 7 levels of upgrading available in the game. If you don’t have legendary gear itself, you can order our Legendary Craft boosting service. CakeBoost is ready to help you to unlock any legendary item in the game as quickly as possible. Buy Shadowlands Legendary Upgrade to Rank 7 and obtain or upgrade a desired legendary item. Our boosters will do everything necessary in order to unlock any item you need for a low price! 


  • Legendary item Rank 7;
  • All materials, gear and gold recieved during the boost


  • up to 4 weeks

How does it work?

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How to upgrade your Shadowlands Legendaries to rank 7 in patch 9.2

In 9,2 patch, players were able to level up their legendary items to 7. Materials needed to upgrade to Rank 7 didn't change much. To level up a Legendary from level 6, you only need a 291 base item and a new currency obtained from Zereth Mortis - Cosmic Flux. Let's see how to get both.

  • How to Get a Rank 7 Base Item? Base item crafting hasn't changed since early patches. So the process itself will be standard. However, to craft a rank 7 base item, you will need the new Vestige of the Eternal reagent and an honored reputation with the Enlightened to buy a Tome of the Eternal for crafting. Or you can go the simple route and just buy the base item on the auction house.
  • How to get Cosmic Flux? Cosmic Flux can be obtained in a variety of ways: PvP fights, completing mythic plus dungeons, dailies and WQ in Zereth Mortis, and so on.

If you are having difficulty obtaining a legendary item or have any questions regarding the service, feel free to contact our support.