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Buy WoW Shadowlands (SL) Beginner [Bundle] Boost Carry Service

Buy WoW Shadowlands (SL) Beginner [Bundle] Boost Carry Service

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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Powerleveling but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy WoW Shadowlands Beginner [Bundle] Boost Carry Service

Now is a perfect time to prepare your character for an adventure in a new WoW Shadowlands expansion! Cakeboost offers you best services to quickly and effortlessly achieve the desired level.

Leveling on World of Warcraft is a notoriously long and monotonous process that requires a lot of time and patience, especially if it is not your first character. Not everyone wants to spend days doing quests and completing storylines that he has already completed while leveling previous characters. Moreover, Blizzard has changed the leveling system in new expansions. The level cap is reduced from 120 to 60, and all levels below 120 are reduced too.
That is where Cakeboost comes to the scene, offering you Beginner Bundle Boost Carry Service. Our professional players will reach 60 level as fast as possible! Reaching level cap will give you a lot of different in-game abilities and open new horizons to reach.

You will get:

  • Access to all Shadowlands dungeons;
  • Access to Shadowlands raids;
  • Desired ilvl;
  • 60 level;
  • All weapons and gear that might drop during the boost

ETA: variable

We offer you different options of level boosting to cover all type of needs: 1-60 leveling (ETA 4-5 days), 50-60 leveling (ETA 2-3 days), fast 50-60 leveling (ETA 24-48 hours), ultra-fast 50-60 leveling (ETA 12-24 hours). To order 50-60 leveling it is necessary to have an account with a level 50 character.
More than that, as an additional option your character will receive equipment of the selected ilvl in each slot. You can choose between 158, 170, 175 and 180 ilvl gear at the «choose the gearing option» section.

Cakeboost offers you lowest prices on the market. Our service will help you to successfully achieve 60 level and acquire necessary ilvl quickly and efficiently.