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World of Warcraft Gold is necessary to buy goods from vendors, learn skills, use the flightmaster, and access any number of other useful operations or advantages for sale. It is also required to interact with WoW’s unique player-driven economic system. While WoW Gold may be acquired from any activity in the MMORPG, farming huge amounts of Gold quickly is practically impossible. If you require fast WoW Gold for any reason, you should know that CakeBoost has WoW Gold for sale at low prices. Simply buy WoW Gold cheap from CakeBoost, and you will receive a dependable money reserve that can be deployed to enrich and smoothen your WoW experience in a thousand different ways.


  • Desired amount of gold (guilbank, trade, AH. mail)
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  • 1-3 days

WoW Gold Carry Service: How It Works?

All those seeking to buy WoW Gold from CakeBoost should proceed according to these instructions:

  • Set the intended amount of WoW Gold to buy, then click the “buy” button;
  • Confirm the WoW Gold for Sale order in the shopper’s cart;
  • Select the chat program to be used for communications and updates about the boost;
  • Forward the payment using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy to complete the sale;
  • Discuss the WoW Gold transfer method, additional requests, and all other relevant details with CakeBoost staff;
  • Wait until the sale transfer is completed and let us know whether the currency was received;
  • Leave feedback about our service using TrustPilot. It will assist us in improving our services further.

Why Should You Buy WoW Gold Boosting From Us?

WoW Gold buying is popular because having Gold is very useful, but amassing a large hoard of it takes a great deal of effort. At a basic level, in-game coins can be spent to purchase various goods and services on sale from vendors within WoW. Those acquisitions can range from cosmetics to useful items or transportation options that enable adventurers to skip unnecessary travel. Profession skills, including riding which also grants access to flight, also require money to level up. Those uses are enough to make Gold absolutely essential for a full WoW experience and speedy progress through its content.

Nonetheless, sooner or later, most long-term WoW residents begin to spend the majority of their Gold in the WoW Auction House. There, they can buy nearly any in-game object placed on sale by their fellow players, or pay deposits to put some items up for sale themselves. Purchasing equipment, materials, consumables, or cosmetics on sale in the Auction House is often a better method than trying to farm or craft them yourself. After all, it is both quicker and more convenient, especially when there is an urgent need like an upcoming raid. Trading also features prominently in most WoW Gold Making guides. Just like in real life, though, one must be willing to invest money to make money.

Considering its importance as a currency, it is only natural that Gold should be simple to find. In addition to the sale of goods to other players, it may be obtained through turning in quests, looting containers and corpses, the sale of loot to vendors, and completing missions. Nevertheless, farming WoW Gold in sufficient amounts can be surprisingly difficult. The problem is that all of those sources normally yield a small quantity of coins. Therefore, adventurers would have to spend many hours farming them to sustain expensive purchases. Using a lucrative profession as suggested in our best profession in WoW for Gold guide is the optimal approach, but it also requires effort and planning.

As a result, many players prefer to buy Gold for WoW characters from paid services like this one. Professional boosters can farm WoW Gold without distractions and utilize efficient methods to acquire any required amount much more quickly than casual gamers. Moreover, many individuals and groups that offer WoW Gold sale services have large reserves set aside for sale already. Yet many players are understandably hesitant to spend real money to buy an in-game currency. While it may save them a lot of time and trouble if it works, many such services might appear dubious. Many of them have a low quality of service, limited availability, or flawed security, while others turn out to be outright scams.

Are you trying to decide where can you buy Gold on WoW realms inhabited by your characters without running afoul of any of those problems? Look no further than CakeBoost, the best place to buy Gold for WoW! We seek to make buying Wow Gold cheap, simple, quick, and safe, while doing our best to meet our customers’ individual expectations and ensure their maximum satisfaction. Our offerings in this sphere are backed up by years of experience and thoroughly tested and refined farming and transfer methods. Here are the chief reasons why CakeBoost is the best Gold buying site WoW people could find:

  • CakeBoost is a well-established company with a strong track record. We began offering Gold for Sale and other carries back in 2015. Potential WoW Gold buyers can confirm our trustworthiness and competence by examining the testimonies of hundreds of successfully boosted customers on TrustPilot. They can trust our reputation for quality services, instead of taking risks with lesser-known companies or individual sale offers. Our lengthy experience with this particular type of services also gives us a well-tuned delivery system. We have plenty of monetary reserves and characters to be used for transfer;
  • We do everything possible to make buying Gold in WoW safe for our clients. Unlike other boosting services, CakeBoost’s money transfers do not require account-sharing. The currency is retrieved from reserves or farmed by boosters. As such, we do not require any information except for in-game contact details needed to make the WoW Gold transfer. Those details will not be given to anyone except the employee involved in the transfer. Any user data on our website is protected with fully up-to-date HTTPS encryption. Our employees do not use third-party programs or other assistance at any stage of the service process, minimizing risks to our clients;
  • Our customer support staff is online and ready to respond on a 24/7 basis. Support specialists can consult clients on the details of the WoW Gold for Sale service, helping them work out the ideal sale method and schedule. They can also recommend other WoW services we have for sale. Buyers can use their dedicated channel to ask questions about the ongoing sale service and receive real-time updates on its status. The support team may also be reached by e-mail or site chat. If they cannot address a query, they will immediately forward it to others in our company;
  • We always try to satisfy our customers’ needs as precisely as possible with our WoW Gold for Sale services. Purchasers can request any amount of money and expect to receive it promptly, according to a mutually satisfactory schedule and using a transfer method of their choice. We also seek to be available to the greatest number of clients, enabling buying Gold on WoW realms around the world. Payments for the sale may be made in US dollars or Euros and transferred through one of several trusted payment platforms;
  • Every member of our WoW booster team is a true professional selected using a rigorous vetting process. We select boosters based on in-game competence, honesty, and ability to follow the necessary safety regulations. Employees assigned to monetary transfer services will be able to conduct the sale smoothly and without any complications. In the unlikely case of a momentary shortage of coins for sale, specialist farmers can collect the necessary amount of currency swiftly using the most efficient farming methods;
  • We offer reasonable, fully competitive prices for the sale of WoW Gold. Our pricing policy is to keep all our services affordable for average players without undermining service quality. That means they must reflect the market sale price of the coins, to allow us to engage the best currency farming talents for our WoW Gold for Sale services. At the same time, we are careful to keep the service cheap. First-time buyers can get the sale at a lower rate. Registered repeat customers could use loyalty points for a cheaper sale. Finally, we make frequent special sale offers.

What You Will Get?

Customers who purchase WoW Gold for Sale from CakeBoost will receive the specified quantity of Gold using the method they have chosen. The usual options we can offer are as follows:

  • Sale through the Guild Bank, requiring the client’s character to temporarily join our guild and withdraw the requested amount of the currency;
  • In-person sale, in which the characters of our client and our employee will meet directly inside the game and exchange the currency through the trade window;
  • Auction House sale, where the customer puts up an item for sale and our client purchases it for the specified sum;
  • Mail sale, using the MMORPG’s mail system to transfer the currency to the client.

We will attempt to fulfill any special requests with regards to the transfer to the best of our ability. Auction House and mail sale methods have a one-hour waiting period due to system limitations. There may also be delays if we have a momentary shortage of the currency in the customer’s realm. Make sure to ask our support team about this possibility. However, we will always deliver the promised sum as promptly as we can. Our customers will then be free to spend it at their own discretion and play the game without concerns about farming enough money to meet their goals.

Here are just some of the things our clients could afford after using CakeBoost’s buy cheap Gold WoW services:

  • Trading on the Auction House with other players, buying anything currently on sale or putting up other items for sale;
  • Purchasing new equipment for their characters;
  • Acquiring rare mounts, cosmetics, or transmogrifications (gear appearance swaps);
  • Buying pets and battle pet companions;
  • Paying for repairs to damaged equipment;
  • Buying consumables for raiding or PvP;
  • Acquiring enchantments and other upgrade items to enhance their equipment;
  • Purchasing materials in bulk for crafting sessions or sale after market conditions change;
  • Unlocking more storage slots at stables or banks;
  • Paying for flight between significant locations at the flightmaster.