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Buy D2 Tatara Gaze Energy Sniper Rifle Boost

Buy D2 Tatara Gaze Energy Sniper Rifle Boost

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Our professional players will help you not only complete the Tatara Gaze (Energy Sniper Rifle) but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus!​​​​​​​

Buy Tatara Gaze (Energy Sniper Rifle) D2 Boost

One-shot, one kill… That is every sniper’s dream, and the legendary Tatara Gaze sniper rifle can make it a reality thanks to its high damage and powerful utility perks. CakeBoost will give you the chance to master this devastating weapon quickly and with minimal effort on your part.

You will get:

  • The Tatara Gaze legendary weapon;
  • Other Forge quest completion rewards.

ETA: 1 week

This slender yet sinister sniper rifle fires intensely charged Arc projectiles made even deadlier by its Aggressive Frame intrinsic perk. Box Framing further enhances its precision damage and range for the sniper who takes the time to aim. Taken together, those bonuses allow Tatara Gaze to take down most enemies in one hit. Even body shots can be fatal for weaker opponents, while bosses will be sent reeling by precision fire. With likely random perks like Outlaw and Kill Clip, a player can unleash a veritable lightning storm of rapid shots. Quick Draw and Opening Shot make for a more patient but even deadlier sniping combo, while Dragonfly converts precision kills into electrical explosions, raising the carnage to even more incredible heights.

Gaining this formidable sniper rifle requires liberating one of the Black Armory’s ancient forges and completing a related quest chain to get all the necessary materials. You will have to collect a Weapon Core, a Ballistics Log, Compound Ether, and Radiant Seeds, as well as score dozens of sniper rifle precision kills, some of them against powerful mobs or multiple enemies in one go. Completing all of those steps will take a while even if you get lucky.

Want to try out Tatara Gaze for yourself, but don’t have the time or the patience for repetitive quests? Just place an order with CakeBoost and our pro-boosters will do everything for you. Before long, you will be free to terrorize your enemies with electrified shots from this fearsome sniper rifle!