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Nightfall The Ordeal Playlist is an even more difficult PvE Activity compared to Nightfall (a sophisticated version of Strikes). Nightfall The Ordeal has 4 difficulty levels, each subsequent one is much more difficult than the previous one, and +2 Weekly Challenges. Many players consider Nightfall The Ordeal the greatest success of D2 so far. All this, together with the opportunity to get Nightfall exclusive great items (for example, the legendary Armor and Weapons) makes this activity worthy of your attention.

You’ll get:

  • All weapons and gear that might drop during the boost;
  • Pinnacle Gear reward for completing weekly Nightfall: The Ordeal 100k;
  • Legendary Weapons or Gear that drop from the last boss and Nightfall chest;
  • High chance to get Strike Specific Gear

ETA: 1 day 

Features Nightfall The Ordeal. 1 Strike takes place every week. Here, players have to fight with modernized and strengthened opponents (Champion enemies). If by the end of the session you get 100K Points, you will win a prestigious item with excellent features (Drops from the final boss).

The main technical problem of this format is not to score the required number of points, but to save them until the end - after reaching 20 minutes, your points will slowly disappear (until they disappear completely), and the player must complete (finish) session before the level of points falls below the required. In order to receive a reward, you must have 100K Points at the END of the session. Otherwise, you cannot claim a reward, even if at some point you scored 100K.

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