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Buy Dota 2 Battle Pass Boost Carry Service

Buy Dota 2 Battle Pass Boost Carry Service

Dota 2 amassed a huge fan following throughout the years, with each tournament anticipated by legions of gamers, eager to try their hand in them and gain valuable rewards. The latest Battle Pass tournament is no exception to this rule. The following Battle Pass services are available in this category:

Gauntlet Boost Carry Service helps you win the required number of matches in order to reach the next Tier – and actually progress to any Tier of your choice – in a difficult and time-taking Gauntlet tournament mode. 

Cavern Crawl Boost Carry Service – surpass the maze of rooms, challenging activities and demands, difficult heroes to combat with and valuable rewards to obtain. CakeBoost is there to help you unlock all the three Utility, Carry and Support sets to improve your game further, with options to get all the possible styles on Nightsilver and Foulfell maps.

CakeBoost is the top Boosting services provider on the market, securing its reputation with a 100% guarantee of quality delivery of any services you book. We collaborate with the best of the best boosting professionals of Dota 2, knowing all the details and tips to succeed in the game. They are ready to share them with you, making your Dota 2 experience much more fun and pleasant. Get the best professional boosting at the cheapest market price.